Custom Website - Terms of service

Custom Website for Moonserver Site - Terms of service

  1. General
    These terms apply between Moonserver AB (Moonserver) and the Customer who uses the Custom Website for Moonserver Site service.

  2. Ordering and Payment
    Payment is made directly when ordering via bank transfer (invoice), Stripe(VISA/MASTERCARD) or by other means by agreement. If payment is not made despite a reminder, Moonserver has the right to deactivate/cancel the customer's service.  Moonserver will not deliver the service if the invoice is unpaid. The reminders are sent by e-mail to the customer's contact address.
  3. Project
    Moonserver will not start the work/project before the invoice is paid. When the order is sent, Moonserver will contact you via email for more information and material for the website if this is not sent to us directly. If you dont have any text materials, we will deliver the site with example texts from a Lorum Ipsum generator.

    The project starts when the invoice is paid and Moonserver receives all information and materials. The customer will be given a temporary URL to check the website before delivery. If the website is approved, Moonserver will start the publishing of the website to a specified hosting account(Moonserver Site requires an active hosting or Site subscription from Moonserver) or if the customer wants - deliver the full site in a zip file for download. If something needs to be changed the Customer let's Moonserver know as soon as possible so Moonserver can fix this. 

    Customer undertakes to comply with Swedish legislation. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the information provided at registration is correct.  Customer understands that if customer withholds information/ materials needed the project will take longer time to finish and if 3 weeks has passed we will deliver the Site with example texts as mentioned above. The customer is responsible for their own material for the website. Moonserver exercises no control over the information or materials available to us. Moonserver is not liable or liable for direct or indirect damages and financial losses.

  4. Force majeure
    Moonserver shall be exempt from damages and other penalties if the performance of the agreement is hindered or hindered by any circumstance - such as e.g. war, government intervention, disturbances,restrictions on energy supply, labor market disruptions, bans, restrictions, missing permits, accidents, unfavorable transport or weather conditions or missed deliveries from subcontractors - which Moonserver could not reasonably foresee at the time of the conclusion of the agreement and whose consequences Moonsver could not avoid or overcome.

  5. Support
    Customers that order a Website package receive 1 month Moonserver Digital free E-Support by contacting the support via e-mail or via Moonserver's Customerzone.  Support is always guaranteed to the customer in cases where Moonserver may be responsible for errors in technology or installation. Support through Moonserver's Customer Zone can always be reached 24 hours a day, with the exception of Swedish major holidays. When the Support ends the customer can order a Digital Support agreement by contacting us.

  6. Dispute
    Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of this agreement shall be settled by a Swedish court in accordance with Swedish law.

  7. Amendments to the agreement and pricing
    These Storage Share terms of service can be changed at any time. Any changes to the terms will take effect immediately after they have been published on our website. Changes replace the old agreement. Moonserver has the right to change prices for services and products as well as adjust restrictions on services and products provided to customers, any price adjustment will always be published on our website.

Last modified: 2021-05-10
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